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Initiative for innovation

elhyze is a development project by Netlaxy UG (haftungsbeschränkt) and partners.

You can find Netlaxy here.

The goal

elhyze is focussed on developing cost effective hydrogen systems to enable a secure and independent energy supply.

Our goal is to enable the installation of numerous, decentralized hydrogen systems to bring clean energy to scale, enabling reducing green house gas emissions.

Our hydrogen systems convert electrical energy into hydrogen and hydrogen into electrical energy.

The purpose

When energy is available from renewable sources, more than consumed...

and no more efficient storage system is available, ...

then excess energy can be stored in hydrogen.

Better stored than wasted.

When energy is not available, hydrogen can be reconverted into electricity to bridge the power gaps.

Benefit of hydrogen is, that for conversion in electrical energy, no green house gases (GHG) are emitted.

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